Children and Finances!

24 Oct Children and Finances!

Let’s face it, children can be challenging at times, just like your finances.  Think of the energy you spend chasing your kiddies around to get ready for school – get them out of bed, make sure they eat their breakfast, remind them to pack their school bag, remember their sports gear – all so your son or daughter can squeeze out that ballistic hissy fit when you ask if they have cleaned their teeth or brushed their hair!  Finances can also be a little challenging.  Where is all my money going?  Why am I not saving enough?  How much tax do I need to pay and when?  Resulting in your own hissy fit, on the inside of course!  At Bremner & Associates we can assist you to better organise and understand your financial situation – by helping you with budgeting, ensuring you set aside enough money to pay your taxes and helping you to understand the numbers.  This way you will have more energy to spend time with your kiddies on the things you enjoy.  Call us to see how we can assist you.